Kitty visit Samsung (South Korea headquarters)


    Recently, my company's general manager, Kitty Qin was invited to Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (South Korea headquarters) to visit learning and communication.

    Under the warm and thoughtful arrangement of Samsung Corp, general manager Kitty Qin visited the exhibition room, production line, park facilities and so on. Through field observation, learned Samsung Semiconductor Co. Ltd. has automated semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging and testing production line is very advanced and complete, Samsung Semiconductor Co., the world's leading semiconductor technology at present, the production of the world's advanced level of 3D V-NAND storage chip.
    In the subsequent discussion, Samsung Semiconductor Co., the relevant departments introduced the current distribution and the development trend of semiconductor products in 2016 sales revenue, market, and in 2017 of China with Samsung market development direction etc.. General manager Kitty Qin said the choice of Samsung as a strategic partner, to verify the times Liande focus on quality determination and action, but also expressed thanks to the Samsung Corp, the Samsung Corp has been on the development of University for attention and support, hope the follow-up can add strong ties and deepen cooperation!
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